Have Healthcare Realty Trust Incorporated (NYSE: HR) insiders sold their shares?

We find that the Healthcare Realty Trust Incorporated (NYSE: HR) Executive VP & General Counsel, John Bryant, recently sold $ 90,000 worth of shares for $ 31.01 per share. On the plus side, that’s just a small sale and only reduced their stake by 1.5%.

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Insider transactions for the past 12 months with Healthcare Realty Trust

Last year, we found that the largest insider sale by Executive Vice President of Investments, Robert Hull, was for $ 355,000 worth of shares at about $ 31.00 per share. So it’s clear that an insider thought it appropriate to sell at around the current price of $ 30.48. While we don’t typically see inside sales, it’s more worrying when the sales are at a lower price. Given that the sale was at current prices, this makes us a little cautious, but it is hardly a major issue.

Last year we saw more inside sales of Healthcare Realty Trust stock than purchases. Below is a visual representation of insider transactions (by companies and individuals) over the past 12 months. If you want to know exactly who sold how much when, just click on the graphic below!

NYSE: HR Insider Trading Volume September 26, 2021

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Inside ownership

For a common stockholder, it is worth checking how many shares are held by company insiders. A high level of insider ownership often makes company management more attentive to the interests of shareholders. Healthcare Realty Trust insiders own approximately $ 43 million in shares. This corresponds to 1.0% of the company. This level of inside ownership is good, but not particularly great. It certainly suggests a reasonable level of alignment.

What Do Healthcare Realty Trust Insider Transactions Show?

An insider recently sold but not bought stocks. When we zoom out, the longer-term picture doesn’t give us much comfort. Insiders own stocks, but we’re still pretty cautious given the sales history. So we’d only buy after careful consideration. While we like to know what happens to insiders’ property and transactions, we make sure we also consider the risks a stock is exposed to before making any investment decision. To do this, you should find out about the 6 warning signs We spotted with Healthcare Realty Trust (including 2 which are significant).

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For the purposes of this article, insiders are persons who report their transactions to the competent supervisory authority. We currently account for open market transactions and private dispositions, but no derivative transactions.

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