Ales Bilgi Merkezi Sat, 09 Oct 2021 09:08:00 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Ales Bilgi Merkezi 32 32 FCA urged promoting the city’s financial services sector overseas: CityAM Sat, 09 Oct 2021 09:08:00 +0000

The Treasury Department plans to change the role of financial regulators to make sure they fuel the city’s global competitiveness.

Last year the Treasury Department launched a consultation on how the role of financial regulators should adapt after the UK leaves the EU. With the Treasury Department now planning to respond to the report in the fall, ministers have hinted that financial regulators may be required to incorporate the UK’s global position in financial services into policy decisions.

“Now that we have left the EU, it is right that we look at how the regulatory framework has to adapt in order to be sustainable,” said a spokesman for the finance ministry.

“We are working closely with the FCA and PRA to ensure that the UK remains an open, green and technologically advanced financial services sector based on high regulatory standards. We are examining the responses to our consultation and will publish a second consultation in the autumn, ”they confirmed.

It comes after City Secretary John Glen told financial services firms that regulators need to wake up and “smell the coffee” because of their role in increasing the competitiveness of the sector. At a private meeting, Glen called for a “restart” of the “relationship between the Treasury, Parliament and our regulators,” the Times reported for the first time.

According to the Times, the Treasury Department could make competitiveness an official part of UK regulators.

One option being considered is to make competitiveness a legal requirement for regulators like the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority, which means regulators would need to incorporate such concerns into policy making.

In a less drastic approach, competitiveness could be a secondary regulatory principle behind consumer protection and fairness.

City firms have urged the government to make competitiveness a regulatory target as the UK financial services sector loses business in financial hubs in Europe and the US, and Amsterdam overtook London as the continent’s largest stock trading center in January.

Continue reading: MPs accuse the Financial Conduct Authority of being “unsuitable” after the British Steel pension debacle

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Financial Firm Fined For Foreclosure: The Tribune India Sat, 09 Oct 2021 02:48:00 +0000

Ramkrishan Upadhyay

Tribune news service

Chandigarh, October 8th

The State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Chandigarh, has ordered a financial company to reimburse 65,796 rupees billed to a consumer as a foreclosure amount.

The commission also ordered the company to pay 50,000 rupees in compensation for causing harassment and legal costs.

Ravinder Singh Barara, a resident of Ambala, filed a complaint with the Commission that he had taken out a loan of Rs 24.14.478 from India Infoline Finance Limited. The interest rate was set at 10 percent with a monthly rate of Rs25,946. The loan period was set from August 5, 2016 to July 5, 2031.

Barara said he reached out to the company on July 2, 2019 to settle any outstanding fees. However, in a letter dated June 4, 2019, the company asked him to deposit 65,796.41 rupees as foreclosure fees. He asked the company not to pay foreclosure fees. but in vain. Finally, under imperative circumstances, he had to deposit the entire amount.

However, the company denied all allegations. It alleged that a loan agreement had been concluded between the complainant, the co-borrowers and the company. The agreement contained a clause regarding early repayment penalties in the event of a loan refusal by the borrower.

The company announced that the foreclosure / prepayment fees for the early closure of the loan were correctly billed by the complainant and his co-borrowers.

After hearing the arguments, the commission, comprised of President Justice Raj Shekhar Attri and Members Padma Pandey and Rajesh K Arya, said the Reserve Bank of India issued a notice on August 2, 2019. According to the notice, NBFCs will not charge any foreclosure fees. Prepayment penalties for variable-rate fixed-term loans sanctioned for non-business purposes to individual borrowers, with or without co-debtors.

The Commission stated that the approach taken by the other party (company) in collecting foreclosure fees / prepayment from the complainant was in breach of the RBI circular on foreclosure fees. As NBFC, they were required to reimburse / repay the foreclosure fees illegally charged by the complainant.

With this in mind, the commission ordered the company to reimburse the consumer 65,796 rupees along with 9 percent interest. The commission also ordered the company to pay Rs 50,000 in compensation and legal costs within one month.

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I ran a stock scan for earnings growth and passed Getty Realty (NYSE: GTY) with ease Fri, 08 Oct 2021 10:55:40 +0000

Some have more money than sense, they say, so even companies with no revenue, no profit, and a record number of failures can easily find investors. Unfortunately, high risk investments often have a low chance of ever paying off, and many investors pay a price to learn their lesson.

On the other hand, if you like companies that have revenue and even make profits, then this might interest you Getty real estate (NYSE: GTY). Even if stocks are fully valued today, most capitalists would recognize their gains as evidence of steady value creation. In comparison, loss-making businesses act like a sponge for capital – but, unlike a sponge, they don’t always produce something when squeezed.

Check out our latest analysis for Getty Realty

How fast is Getty Realty growing?

If a company can grow earnings per share (EPS) long enough, its share price will eventually follow suit. As a result, there are many investors who are eager to buy stocks of companies that increase earnings per share. Getty Realty grew profits 13% per year over three years. That’s a good rate of growth if it can be sustained.

I like to see sales growth as a sign of sustained growth and look for a high margin before interest and tax (EBIT) to indicate a competitive advantage (although some low margin companies also have competitive advantages). While Getty Realty did well in terms of revenue growth last year, EBIT margins were dampened at the same time. So if EBIT margins can stabilize, that revenue growth should pay off for shareholders.

You can see the company’s sales and earnings growth trend in the graph below. To see the actual numbers, click on the graph.

NYSE: GTY earnings and sales history October 8, 2021

Of course, the key is to find stocks that have their best days in the future, not the past. You can of course base your opinion on past performance, but you can also check out this interactive graph with EPS forecasts from professional analysts for Getty Realty.

Are Getty Realty Insiders affiliated with all shareholders?

It makes me safer to own shares in a company when insiders also own shares and thus our interests are better aligned. As a result, I am encouraged by the fact that insiders own Getty Realty stocks worth a considerable amount. In fact, they have invested a glittering mountain of fortune, currently valued at $ 103 million. I would find this type of skin in the game very encouraging if I owned stocks, as it would ensure that the company’s executives would also see my success or failure with the stock.

It’s good to see that insiders are invested in the company, but is the compensation reasonable? Well, based on the CEO salary, I’d say they actually are. I’ve found that the average total compensation paid to CEOs at companies like Getty Realty with market caps between $ 1.0 billion and $ 3.2 billion is roughly $ 3.7 million.

The CEO of Getty Realty received only $ 1.7 million in total compensation at the end of the year. That is well below average, so that this regulation appears generous to the shareholders at first glance and indicates a modest remuneration culture. While the amount of CEO compensation is not a huge factor in my opinion, modest compensation is positive as it suggests that the board of directors is keeping an eye on the interests of shareholders. I would also argue that a reasonable salary level generally testifies to good decision making.

Is it worth keeping an eye on Getty Realty?

On the upside for Getty Realty, EPS is growing. That’s nice to see. The fact that earnings per share are growing is a real plus for Getty Realty, but the beautiful picture gets even better. Given the CEO’s modest salaries and the sizeable proportion of insiders, I think he is at least worth a watch list. We should say we discovered it 5 warning signs for Getty Realty (2 make us uncomfortable!) Things You Should Know Before Investing Here.

You can invest in any company you want. However, if you’d prefer to focus on stocks that have shown insider buying, here is a list of companies with insider buying over the past three months.

Please note that the insider transactions discussed in this article refer to reportable transactions in the relevant jurisdiction.

This article from Simply Wall St is of a general nature. We only provide comments based on historical data and analyst projections using an unbiased methodology, and our articles are not intended as financial advice. It is not a recommendation to buy or sell stocks and does not take into account your goals or your financial situation. Our goal is to provide you with long-term, focused analysis based on fundamentals. Note that our analysis may not take into account the latest company announcements or quality material, which may be sensitive to the price. Simply Wall St has no position in the stocks mentioned.

Do you have any feedback on this article? Concerned about the content? Get in touch directly with us. Alternatively, send an email to the editorial team (at)

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Lightstone Capital provides $ 18 million in refinancing loans for boutique apartment buildings in affluent New York City suburbs Fri, 08 Oct 2021 09:07:02 +0000

NEW YORK, NY – Lightstone Capital, Lightstone’s real estate loan platform, announced today that it has granted The Confluent Group a $ 18 million loan to refinance an essentially completed apartment building complex in Westchester County, New York.

The project, 33 Calvert Street, is a four-story, 24-unit complex in the Town of Harrison, an affluent suburb of New York City. It consists of 15 terraced houses with private entrances and balconies as well as nine penthouse units on the upper floor with private cabanas on the roof. The property also includes a covered parking garage with 40 parking spaces and approx. 600 square meters of commercial space. It is next to Harrison Train Station and just a 40-minute drive from Manhattan.

Lightstone Capital offers sponsors flexible, creative, and instant funding solutions. Loans range from $ 5 million to $ 100 million and are backed by real estate in gateway markets.

The first $ 18 million mortgage will refinance an existing home loan and fund the remainder of the remaining work, which is expected to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2021.

The Confluent Group, led by CEO David Gross and Head of Development Taylor Klemm, includes former NBA stars Luol Deng and Charlie Villanueva as investors.

“We are excited to be working with Lightstone on this project and hopefully future projects,” said Gross. “Their deep dive into the Westchester market, as well as their ability to instantly grasp our vision for the project and structure a solution to support it, made for an incredibly fluid process.”

“This is going to be an amazing building and a successful project for Confluent and Lightstone,” added Deng. “I see this as the beginning of a long-term relationship and look forward to working with the Lightstone team on an ongoing basis.”

“This is a unique project for an underserved apartment market in a very desirable location,” said Eugene Rozovsky, Senior Managing Director of Lightstone Capital. “The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in various delays and setbacks that hampered the sponsors’ ability to move forward efficiently. We were able to step in quickly to offer a much tastier financing solution that allowed the team to complete any remaining work as well as another runway to lease and stabilize the property. “

This project follows other significant transactions recently completed by Lightstone Capital such as:

  • $ 20.1 million acquisition loan for apartment building in Houston TX (September 2021)
  • $ 25 million mezzanine loan to purchase industrial property in San Bernardino County, California August 2021
  • $ 9 million acquisition loan for an industrial portfolio in Queens, NY (July 2021)
  • $ 12 million senior loan to refinance recently built apartment building in San Diego, California July 2021
  • $ 16.2 million senior loan to refinance an apartment building in Brooklyn, NY (June 2021)
  • $ 56.5 million senior loan to refinance apartment building in New York, NY May 2021

Since its inception in December 2018, Lightstone Capital has grown rapidly and has built a significant portfolio across the east coast. It opened offices in Dallas in March to cover the central United States – the Southwest, Southeast, and Midwest of the country. An office was opened in Los Angeles in February. The platform has positioned itself as a creative and reliable source of capital with a proven track record and is now focused on the next phase of growth with plans to double the portfolio in 2021.

Lightstone Capital is primarily focused on senior bridging loans, mezzanine loans and preferred equity investments in the top 50 MSAs in the United States.

Lightstone is one of the most diversified privately held real estate companies in the United States. Operating in 24 states across the country, Lightstone develops, manages and invests in all sectors of the real estate market, including residential, hospitality, commercial and retail. With 132 existing properties across the country, Lightstone’s $ 6.5 billion portfolio currently includes over 4 million square feet of industrial, retail and commercial real estate, over 15,000 residential units and 4,300 hotel keys. Lightstone is headquartered in New York City and is expanding its development portfolio with currently over $ 3.5 billion in the residential and hospitality sectors in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami.

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Clear Choices For Payday Loans Using Internet Kansas In USA Fri, 08 Oct 2021 06:01:35 +0000 Clear Choices For Payday <a class="wpil_keyword_link " href="" title="Loans" data-wpil-keyword-link="linked">Loans</a> Using Internet Kansas In USA

While recommendations from payday developments indicate that they grant the use of mortgages to people with the worst or no loans, experts say these briefs fund unfairly impartial section communities and bring people into full models of. ‘financial obligations.

Method of details of the diploma. Prospects could score points if legitimate Nebraska payday advances allow you to repay loans as part of a well-planned strategy, thereby increasing their credit history. The product finance review team negotiated a dollar boost has an APR of 219.96 to 1,171.88 percent. Surfing the creditors for the right short term home loan you have to do is definitely get easy treatment for an economic crisis which is not just written by a predatory loan provider can be annoying anyway. (??)

Research Results.HB Ebrahim “Unlock birth up to 3

Search Engine Results.HB Ebrahim †“Unlock starting at 3

The brain of the bank district begins

free dating site in malaysia

stimulate attempts to create associations by providing conditions for the development and management of relationships with households and cities. Developing programs that are open and fair techniques, however, is certainly not quick. Meeting of disputes

Congressman John Lewis honored at the start of graduate education courses

A significant change is certainly social, says Suransky. I find it hard for you to consider involved in the communities in the area and land that seriously needs to be strong and as we all move forward these days

Phone for reports # 42

in Indonesia, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Liberia and Southern Africa, with a focus on community data and knowledge. This woman is also co-author of the Gay-Parents / Straight institutes: building communication and Trust (with Steven Schultz), and

Web page for your group About our racial justice and advocacy process

works to react correctly throughout the instances that arrive. Our company is grateful for the influx of great reviews and service from the whole group that many people have acquired.

Support humanity

Help us strategies to propose methods to PARTICIPATE graduate courses subsidize total action meals create an end of the year demonstrate their results

Donor honor move: family meal 2019

Bach Elizabeth Dickey Niko Elmaleh Stephen Farber Meredith Feinman and Eric Seiff 1st USA Title Insurance Company F&E (??)

Quick and Painless Wage Energy Financing in Nebraska

Invest quickly and easily in energy loan products in Nebraska

Whenever you submit a payday advance request through our personal web page, the technique is fully protected and personal. Our 128-bit encoded connection passes work to enthusiasts without the risk of third-party interception.

Most people take pride in our streamlined and effortless application process. Many people are allowed as soon as they meet the following condition:

Types of loan providers available

You can get payday loan and payday loans in Fl online and / or single. The physical creditors lists operate in Florida, and some of these financial institutions also operate on a website. You can be one-on-one during the corporate finance provider weeks or contact the bank and start the process by doing so. On the contrary, it is easy to complete an application that is definitely online if the financial institution benefits from it.

You can search for online-only businesses such as Snappy Payday Loans escort in Rialto CA. A wide range of useful specifications emerge from North America

Most people never finance you with the money, but most of us use the information someone provides to match whether you have a primary loan provider (assuming you qualify for that loan). (??)

It is actually not an offense to never pay an easy payday loan online.

It’s Really Not Criminal Activity Not To Spend A Simple Payday Loan Online

Maybe not paying a quick just offending payday loan

Taking out a payday loan online is actually a quick affair. Someone lets them know how much you need, and just imagine because you have a position that you have money in your savings account.

After that, the paycheck is introduced along with other bills to protect, so that you don’t spend them. Initially you might get a respectful call, they will have more confidence, until finally these people put the PRISON in jeopardy. For all those who are worried? not really one but it will be very little. It is really illegal for most countries to make people understand that you do not have enough funds with the wrong intention. (such as: the Virginia Code and the Criminal Laws of Ca.

But a quick cash advance is different. You realize that there is no money in this article. They find out that there is no money here. If we all know there is no money, there could be no misleading target.

Payday loan fanatics are in the same formula compassion as other lovers

Payday loan fanatics usually collect this funding that was created to buy groceries, or gasoline, or spend the bill which is electricity. This mortgage for specific bills. Ready for group request. This funding for house expenses.

Cover financing Disadvantages morning. Correctly just how the paycheck breakthroughs play out in Michigan

Pay the week for funding problems. Correctly then, how the paycheck breakthroughs play out in Michigan

Payday Loan: Learn the Freedoms. Precisely, what is an improvement in money?

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PosiGen and Forbright Bank are working together to expand clean energy options in underserved communities Thu, 07 Oct 2021 13:34:00 +0000

CHEVY CHASE, Md .– (BUSINESS WIRE) –PosiGen, Inc., a leading provider of solar leasing and energy efficiency for residential buildings for low- to middle-income communities and color communities, and Forbright Bank, a financial institution recently renamed Congressional Bank and committed to accelerating the clean energy transition, today announced a new $ 140 million loan relationship. This partnership will greatly expand PosiGen’s ability to provide clean energy and significant cost savings to families in historically underserved areas.

PosiGen offers affordable, low-cost solar panel leases and energy efficiency upgrades to low to middle income residents, offers cleaner electricity and instant savings on utility bills. This partnership with Forbright will significantly increase PosiGen’s available capital base and enable the company to reach more customers in its current markets of Louisiana, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Florida, as well as expand into new regions including California, Illinois , Nevada and Pennsylvania.

Forbright, backed by industry leaders and former government officials, is committed to devoting half of its assets to funding companies, investors, operators and innovators – like PosiGen – that drive sustainability and the transition to a low-carbon economy.

PosiGen couldn’t be more pleased to partner with Forbright Bank on this transaction, ”said Tom Neyhart, CEO of PosiGen. “The Forbright team not only shares our values, but also understands the positive cycle of what we offer our customers – if you treat LMI households with respect, sensibly reduce their energy load and enable them to be energy independent through a combined solar and energy efficiency solution, they are great long term customers. With Forbright and its credit partners offering PosiGen significant growth opportunities and on terms that reflect the excellence of our portfolio to date, we look forward to building on our current 18,000+ strong client base and expanding our offering to working families in communities across the nation . ”

At Forbright, we believe that sustainability-focused banking is good for our customers, our business and society. Partnering with a mission-driven company like PosiGen will help enable a more inclusive transition to a clean energy economy by providing affordable low-carbon solutions as well as instant monthly energy savings to thousands of low-to-middle-income households in the States, “said Kenny Elias , President of Specialty Lending at Forbright.

This partnership is an example of the role Forbright can play in the global effort to build a net-zero economy, “added John Delaney, Founder and Executive Chairman of Forbright.Promoting access to renewable energy for low to middle income consumers is both equitable and critical to our economy and society as a whole. We are excited to support companies like PosiGen who share our goals for sustainability and equitable access to clean energy technologies that are necessary to decarbonize our world. ”

Forbright acted as First Lien Administrative Agent and Lender, and WebBank and Amalgamated Bank acted as First Lien Lenders on the transaction. Connecticut Green Bank acted as Second Lien Administrative Agent and Lender and was supported by several credit partners.

It’s great to see PosiGen continue to expand its role in underserved communities across the country, “said Bryan Garcia, President and CEO of Connecticut Green Bank. “Our successful partnership with PosiGen has helped Connecticut become a “Solar with Justice” state, meaning that low- and middle-income families and colored communities have equal access to the savings that solar and energy efficiency offer. ”

By working with Forbright, WebBank and Connecticut Green Bank, we can build on PosiGen’s critical work to bring clean energy to communities, ”said Brenda Loya, Amalgamated Bank’s first vice president of social impact lending.

About PosiGen:

Headquartered in New Orleans, LA, PosiGen is the nation’s leading provider of solar, energy efficiency, and energy education facilities for low- to middle-income families. PosiGen has more than 18,000 retail customers, over 270 direct employees, and supports more than 120 employees through its contractors in Louisiana, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Florida. PosiGen’s unique services and products make solar energy affordable for homeowners of all income levels, offering individuals, families and businesses the opportunity to achieve greater tax autonomy, energy independence and lower their electricity bills. To find out all about PosiGen, please visit

About the Forbright Bank:

Forbright Bank (, renamed Congressional Bank, a member of FDIC, is a full-service bank, commercial lender and asset manager headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland dedicated to accelerating the transition to a sustainable, clean one. has prescribed energy industry by funding the companies, investors and innovators who are driving this change. With over $ 4.5 billion in owned and managed assets, the bank offers specialized credit and banking services to its customers in the United States. The Sustainable Finance, Healthcare and Specialty Lending businesses offer nationwide credit products, including bespoke real estate loans, working capital, storage lines of credit and forward sales agreements. The bank offers real estate loans, mortgage loans and other business loans to companies and individuals through its Community Bank division, as well as sophisticated and competitive deposit products that include deposits in connection with decarbonisation and sustainability-oriented loans.

Member of the FDIC as a congress bank. The Congressional Bank is an equal housing provider and grants loans regardless of race, skin color, religion, national origin, gender, disability or marital status.

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Bain names Edy Widjaja as Southeast Asian financial services leader Thu, 07 Oct 2021 13:11:10 +0000

Bain & Company has promoted Jakarta-based partner Edy Widjaja to the role of Financial Services Practice Leader for Southeast Asia.

In this role, Widjaja leads Bain & Company’s financial services team in its four regional offices – in Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Manila. He will report to Henrik Naujoks, Bains Practice Leader APAC Financial Services (based in Hong Kong), and Jean-Pierre Felenbok, based in Singapore, the company’s regional managing partner for Southeast Asia.

“We are thrilled to have Edy at the helm of the practice, an area of ​​key growth for the company in Southeast Asia,” said Felenbok, a 40-year veteran of the global strategy consultancy. “Edy has proven to be a key member of our team and will lead the practice into an exciting future.”

Widjaja has been with Bain & Company since 2010, having previously worked as Corporate Venturing Manager and R&D Project Manager at Bekaert, a global manufacturer of steel wires and coatings. During his time at Bain & Company, Widjaja worked on multi-year transformations that focused on strategy and implementation, performance improvement and change management.

He has worked with clients from various segments of the industry, including local and regional banks, insurance companies, asset & wealth managers, fintechs and financial investors in the scene (private equity).

“I am very happy to take on this new role in a team and in an industry for which I have the greatest respect,” said Edy Widjaja. “I look forward to helping our numerous customers across the region achieve their long-term growth goals.”

Earlier this year, Bain launched its NPS Prism offering in Southeast Asia for banking customers.

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BlackRock gives its customers a greater say in corporate accountability Thu, 07 Oct 2021 13:00:00 +0000

* Covered approximately 40% of the stock index assets of $ 4.8 trillion

* Customers can vote directly at general meetings

* More investors looking to hold boards accountable

By Simon Jessop and Ross Kerber

LONDON / BOSTON, Oct. 7 (Reuters) – BlackRock, the world’s largest fund manager, plans to give clients more say in voting at annual corporate meetings, starting with a group with nearly $ 2 trillion in assets.

New York-based BlackRock’s move on Thursday follows a surge in demands from shareholders to hold the companies they invest in accountable for issues ranging from climate change to diversity and how they treat their employees and those of their suppliers .

Starting next year, customers who want more control will be able to vote according to their own policy and cast their votes on their own infrastructure, BlackRock said in a letter to customers viewed by Reuters. Others could opt for a third-party voting policy and use BlackRock to submit the votes.

The option would be offered to institutional clients on some index strategies held in segregated accounts and certain pooled funds in the UK and US.

“These options are intended to give you a greater say in voting proxy, if this is important to you,” it continues.

BlackRock’s letter said the decision was the first in a series of steps to expand proxy options and followed several years of working with industrial partners as new technologies were also developed.

“It also reflects broader industry dynamics, such as the impact of advancing technology on investing – and thus the opportunity for more customized approaches to your investments and how you manage them,” she added.

Based on late June data, approximately 40% of the $ 4.8 trillion assets held in BlackRock’s stock index strategies could be eligible for either option.

Larger customers, whose assets are held in a separately managed account, also have the option of voting directly with BlackRock on which resolutions or companies to vote on.

For those who would like to stick with the existing process, BlackRock said its own investment stewardship team would continue to vote proxies on their behalf.

“While giving customers more choice in voting proxies, BlackRock Investment Stewardship (BIS) remains central to BlackRock’s fiduciary approach,” the letter said. (Reporting by Simon Jessop; Editing by Alexander Smith)

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Auto stocks, real estate stocks to titanium – here are today’s top buzzing stocks Thu, 07 Oct 2021 07:28:06 +0000 understands that your privacy is important and we are committed to making the technologies we use transparent. This Cookie Policy explains how and why cookies and other similar technologies are stored on and accessed from your device when you use or visit websites that post a link to this policy (collectively “The websites”). This cookie policy should be read in conjunction with our privacy policy.

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How do our websites use cookies and other tracking technologies? uses cookies and other technologies to store information on your web browser or on your mobile phone, tablet, computer or other device (collectively “Devices”) that enable us to store and receive certain information when you use it use or interact with our applications and sites. Such cookies and other technologies help us to identify you and your interests, to save your preferences and to track the use of We also use cookies and other tracking technologies to control access to certain content on our websites, to protect the websites and to process any inquiries that you send to us.
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NGX promises to transform financial services through technology Thu, 07 Oct 2021 02:38:00 +0000

nigerish Exchange (NGX) has vowed to transform the financial services space through technology with a strong focus on the Nigerian capital market that can fuel the advancement of the Nigerian economy.

The stock exchange determined this at its virtual TechNovation conference under the motto “Technology, Platforms and Markets”.