Epigenic Therapeutics Raises $20M in Series Angel and Pre-A Financings to Advance Next-Generation Gene Editing Therapy

SHANGHAI, August 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Epigenic Therapeutics Co., Ltd., a pioneering biotechnology company dedicated to the development of next-generation gene-editing therapies that leverage regulation of the epigenetic genome for a variety of diseases, announced today that that it has entered into the contract 20 million dollars in Series Angel and Pre-A promotion. The series Pre-A financing is jointly invested by Morningside Venture Capital, Kingray Capital, Trinity Innovation Fund and TigerYeah Capital. Angel investor FountainBridge Capital is also involved.

Proceeds from the funding will be used to validate advances in the Company’s epigenetic editing in non-human primates, expand expertise and skills, and sponsor early-stage clinical investigations.

Epigenetic modification is a natural and heritable mechanism of gene regulation in the human body without altering the underlying DNA sequence. Leveraging the Company’s proprietary and patented technology platform, scientists are able to harness the endogenous epigenetic gene regulation pathway to precisely and efficiently deliver drugs to target cells and tissues for potent and durable therapeutic effects. Epigenic Therapeutics has brought together highly talented scientists and industry veterans to lead discovery and development.

“Epigenetic editing is an emerging and highly sophisticated gene editing technology.” said Bob ZhangCo-founder and CEO of Epigenic Therapeutics, “Together with our scientific co-founders and advisors, we are positioned to advance our understanding of the precise regulation of the epigenetic genome and unlock its potential as a medicine for many diseases. With the funding, we will continue to expand our team and capabilities, validate the technology platform in animal models, and accelerate our lead product from discovery to clinical development.”

“Epigenic Therapeutics is uniquely positioned to develop multiple gene-editing therapies. We are pleased to invest in Epigenic Therapeutics and believe this company has a strong foundation to continue the discovery and development of precise genomic medicines to benefit many patients to advance.” Commented by Michael XueManaging Director of Morningside Venture Capital.

Around Epigenic Therapeutics technology platform
Epigenic Therapeutics’ proprietary technology platform employs its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to explore and obtain an optimized CRISPR-Cas component to regulate target genes or control the expression of one or more genes simultaneously without affecting the sequence to change the DNA. Among comparable technologies, our platform is able to overcome the potential risk arising from DNA cleavage, including but not limited to off-target effect, short half-life and difficult patient compliance issues. combing a patented lipid nanoparticle (LNP) drug delivery system, Epigenic Therapeutics Platform has proven to deliver drugs accurately and efficiently to target cells and tissues ex vivo and in vivo in ocular, neurodegeneration, metabolic and rare disease models.

About epigenetic therapeutics
Epigenic Therapeutics is a pioneering biotechnology company dedicated to the development of next-generation gene-editing therapies that leverage regulation of the epigenetic genome for a variety of diseases. Founded in 2021 by leading scientists focused on discovering gene editing technologies and developing gene editing therapies, the Company has multiple product candidates in the pipeline including treatments for ophthalmic diseases, neurodegeneration, metabolism and rare diseases Diseases. For more information visit www.epigenictx.com

About Morningside Venture Capital
Morningside Ventures was founded in 1986 by the Chan family Hong Kong. Since its inception, Morningside has focused on trends in the leading life science and healthcare industries around the world, expanding its business scope and investment footprint North America, Europe and Greater China. Morningside is comprised of a group of investment professionals who have an entrepreneurial mindset, deep industry knowledge and extensive venture capital management experience. For more information, please visit http://www.morningside.com

About Kingray Capital
Founded in 2018, Kingray Capital focuses on investment opportunities in Information Security, New Energy, Industrial Intelligence, Medical & Healthcare and Business Services. Kingray Capital is committed to helping high-tech companies grow rapidly and create long-term and stable investment returns for investors.

About the Trinity Innovation Fund
The Trinity Innovation Fund (“TIF”) is dedicated to investing in biomedical innovation. Our limited partners (LPs) include renowned biopharmaceutical companies and investment institutions. Embedded in our name, TRINITY represents the basic philosophy as “Triad of scientists, managers and investors, let professionals do their own jobs”. As an investor, TIF helps scientists to implement research results and managers to develop companies. Together we turn innovation into healing. Leveraging our deep industry knowledge and resources, we are committed to accelerating the growth of our portfolio companies through strategy optimization, key recruiting, partnerships and more.

About TigerYeah Capital
TigerYeah Capital, an independent venture capital institution under Tigermed, was founded in 2014. TigerYeah Capital focuses on equity investments in the early and growing medical and healthcare space. The management team has a solid industrial background, extensive industrial resources and rich investment experience. Since its inception, TigerYeah Capital, whose investment portfolio includes medical devices, biomedical, CRO and health food, has completed nearly 100 projects with an investment of 1.5 billion yuan. By strengthening the invested companies, TigerYeah Capital appreciates the development of China and the global medical and healthcare industry and contributes to public health.

About FountainBridge Capital
Fountainbridge Capital is an avant-garde and emerging venture capital focused on early-stage innovation. Starting with an idea or concept, Fountainbridge works closely with entrepreneurs and researchers to create new companies and translate innovations into marketable products. Guided by in-depth research, Fountainbridge has made outstanding investments in cutting-edge technology, including semiconductors, cloud computing, biotechnology and green energy, as well as consumer innovations such as new retail outlets, overseas brands and novel consumer electronics. As the first investor in most portfolios, Fountainbridge is a founder and also co-founder of start-ups. With a robust ecosystem, Fountainbridge helps with growth strategy, recruitment of top industry professionals, patent filing, legal advice and ongoing fundraising. Many of Fountainbridge’s portfolios have become market leaders.


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