Diversified property owner yielding 6.3% has been added to the Best High Dividend Stocks Model portfolio

When it comes to real estate investing, triple net leasing is the holy grail. Putting many of the costs of a property in the hands of the tenant creates a lot of cash flow for the operating company. Our latest portfolio pick for the best high-yield dividend stock model has managed to use these cash flows to reward investors, including the recent dividend increase of 3.9%! Investors can take advantage of the opportunity before Thursday, September 29th when the stock goes ex-dividend with the increased payout of $0.663/share!

Key to the success of our pick is that it operates as a diversified property owner – all on triple-net leases, allowing our pick to capture opportunities across a variety of sub-sectors. From retail to office buildings, our choice has them all. This creates a diverse group of tenants and cash flows. It also allows our choice to use M&A and portfolio cleanup to their advantage. When one market is hot, he can buy into another.

The end result is a huge portfolio of diverse buildings that allow for strong shareholder rewards. What’s better than that?

To make room for our new triple net leased recommendation, we were forced to remove a specialist finance company from the portfolio.

You can check out the Best High Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio to explore all the stocks.

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