Credit card for your beneficiaries


Upon receiving your shipments with Banco Industrial for more than 6 months, your family members can obtain a classic VISA credit card. Why is a credit card useful? This tool allows them to make their purchases in a safer and more controlled way than cash, and allows some flexibility when they have not yet received the shipping money to pay for their regular expenses, such as groceries and food. Learn about other advantages that your family members can take advantage of.


Ease of payment and withdrawal

credit cards

With more than 1350 service points, your family can find a place that serves them, every day of the year, to make their payment. But there is also the possibility of making the payment through their website. Cash urgency? With the debit card you can get it at the Banco Industrial ATM network.


Accumulation of points

credit cards

This benefit allows your family to access a wide range of prizes to indulge, or to renovate or remodel your home. As they make their purchases they will accumulate more points. Just remind them that a credit card carries the responsibility of paying on their dates.


Additional services

credit cards

A credit card opens the possibility for your beneficiary to participate in promotions and discounts within certain merchants. VISA acceptance also allows you to shop comfortably in thousands of affiliated establishments. On the other hand, the card offers insurance (optional and with cost) that will help take care of your money and the welfare of your family.

Are you interested A credit card will give your family members huge benefits. Select a beneficiary of your nuclear family between the ages of 19 and 65, who knows how to read and write and who has full confidence. To obtain it they need the following: a copy of DPI, a water, electricity or telephone bill, a minimum income of $2,000 per month in remittances and a savings or monetary account at Banco Industrial.

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