Companies and service providers do more for LGBTQ + health justice: Expert


According to Dr. Oni Blackstock, who runs an equal health consulting firm and a practicing physician specializing in HIV care.

“The pandemic has really helped to uncover and also exacerbate a number of health inequalities that existed before the pandemic, and now we are really at a point where we actually need to do something about it,” said Blackstock.

And while more needs to be done, steps are being taken, Blackstock told Yahoo Finance Live.

“We see a lot of companies, especially in the healthcare sector, for example, hiring consultants or creating positions for Diversity, Justice and Inclusion (DEI) Chairs to begin this work … to see how they can revise their policies. Their practices, their corporate culture to promote equal opportunities and reduce many of the health inequalities we see, “said Blackstock.

Black stethoscope on LGBT flag background: business and finance concept.

Experts have said for years that the research has already been done and the statistics point to blatant injustices.

For example, about 50% of people who are LGBTQ + report having been discriminated against by a health care provider, and about 75% of trans or non-gender non-binary people have experienced discrimination, Blackstock said.

For this reason, healthcare providers need to better train their employees and provide them with resources to ensure “culturally competent and structurally competent care,” she said.

The need has led to services like hers and companies like Included Health hiring companies to help employees find LGBTQ + friendly providers.

“So we see companies like this stepping in and really helping employers,” said Blackstock.

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