COG Financial Services (ASX: COG) pays a higher dividend of AU $ 0.06 than last year

Recently the board of directors of COG Financial Services Limited announced that the dividend would be increased to A $ 0.06 on October 22nd. This change increases the annual payment from 5.1% to 8.5% of the share price, which is generally higher than the annual compensation of most companies.

COG Financial Services is having a hard time continuing the dividend

According to the news, if payments are not made properly, getting higher returns for a few years isn’t even that important. COG Financial Services has not been making a profit since then, paying out less than 75% of free cash flow, which means there’s plenty left to reinvest in the business. As in general, we know about cash flow and how important it is than any other earnings metric so we are comfortable with the dividend in its place

Over the past few years, EPShad had deteriorated 79.1% based on performance. This may even mean the company won’t make a profit until at least next year, but with all of the healthy cash flows at that point, everything would be fine to move on.

COG Financial Services does not have a long payment history

It’s a tough decision to judge how stable the dividend can be if the company isn’t able to pay one for a long time. It also means the company can’t pay a good dividend, but to be sure, we’d have to wait for it to prove itself.

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The dividend growth potential can be shaky. Investors may even be drawn to the stock because of the quality of their payment history. However, these are not always that simple. Over the past five years, COG Financial Services earnings per share seem just as difficult, falling nearly 79% a year. With so many rapid declines, there is an opportunity to cut dividend payments if the trend continues into the future.

It’s always important to know that the dividend is increasing and the payments from COG Financial Services are completely solid. The company is making a huge amount of money, which will help keep the dividend up for a while, but the track record hasn’t been great.

COG financial services

Companies looking for better dividend policies would definitely enjoy greater investor interest than those facing a more inconsistent approach. Still, in addition to dividend payments, investors need to consider many other factors.

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