Bank’s New Service “Payment 1 Time in 14 Days”



Since yesterday, a new action has been launched at the Delta-Credit Mortgage Bank – the loan payment can now be made not once a month, but every 14 days. The program was named “Payment 1 time in 14 days”.

And now, first things first. So. As a rule, under a loan agreement, a mortgage client pays once a month, 12 times a year. But the calendar year consists of 52 weeks. Therefore, if you pay a contribution every two weeks, it turns out that the borrower does not pay the bank 24 times a year, but 26. The amount of the monthly payment is calculated based on the loan period in months. The payment received is divided in half and accepted as a payment once every 14 days.

Compared to the monthly payment, such a program allows not only shortening the loan period and the amount of interest payments with the same loan amount, but also obtaining a loan approval for a larger amount. That is, the borrower can afford to buy a larger apartment.

The mortgage loan borrower with a sum of 3 million rubles for 15 years at a rate of 14% per annum, the new payment program allows you to save about 1 million rubles. To do this, the bank will send an SMS with a notification of the upcoming payment date in about three days.

In addition, you can repay the loan by transfer from the card by selecting the appropriate settings. However, in order to transfer funds from the card was free for the client, he needs to get a card in Rosbank.

The new program is compatible with almost all mortgage programs of the bank: the client himself can choose which method of processing the loan and its repayment. The client can even change the payment schedule, not once in 14 days, but monthly and vice versa. You can change the schedule for free once.

Note to potential mortgage borrowers in the Delta-Credit Bank – only the new customers of the bank can use the “Payment 1 time in 14 days” service.

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