Arrived Homes breaks financing record with 6 fully financed rentals in 8 minutes

The real estate investment platform Arrived houses launched its latest range of single family rentals last week and sold out in just eight minutes.

The latest listings were for six rental homes in Chattanooga, TN, Huntsville, AL, Denver, CO, Nashville, TN and Atlanta, GA. The six properties had a combined value of $1.7 million. Individual investors could purchase shares in the properties with a minimum investment of $100.

Arrived Homes is one of the first real estate investment platforms to allow non-accredited investors to make equity investments in specific assets and is the first SEC-qualified real estate investment platform to allow virtually anyone to buy shares in single-family home rentals.

To date, Arrived Homes has fully funded 108 properties totaling approximately $42 million.

The company has attracted the attention of a few high-profile investors since its inception in 2021. The billionaire founder of, Inc. AMZN jeff bezos just made its second investment in the platform during the company’s $25 million Series A round.

Bezos Personal Investment Company, Bezos Expeditionsfirst invested in the real estate company during its $37 million seed round in June 2021.

Given the apparent demand for fractional rental investments, Arrived Homes is expanding into new markets and plans to offer shares in short-term rentals soon.

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Photo: Courtesy of ArrivedHomes

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